2018 Thoroughfare Plan

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Updates to the Thoroughfare Plan

The City of Garland Transportation Department has been updating the Garland Thoroughfare plan during the past year. The City's last major update was performed in 1998, and several significant changes have occurred in the city since then. New developments such as the DART light rail, Freewheel Town Center and President George Bush Turnpike have caused a major transportation impact on our city. Additionally, a new emphasis on addressing all transportation users is part of this update by incorporating bike planning on certain streets where appropriate. View the 2018 Thoroughfare Plan Map (PDF) adopted on August 2018.

Non-Motorized Transportation Plan

As part of the 2015 Thoroughfare Plan, a new comprehensive bike plan or non-motorized transportation plan (PDF) was also prepared for the City of Garland as part of this effort and can be found here.

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