Due Process & Enforcement Options


A municipal court citation may be issued for non-compliance, if the violation has not been corrected in a timely manner or other arrangements have not been made. The fines for Code Compliance citations are set by Municipal Court, with fines ranging from $70 to $2,000. Upon receipt of a citation the citizen should contact Municipal Court within 12 days, to set a court date or pay the window fine.

City Abatement

In circumstances of non-compliance the inspector may issue a citation and/or have a city contractor abate the violation at the expense of the property owner. City contractors do such jobs as mowing, trimming, removal of debris, fence repair, etc. These city contractors will provide the Code Compliance department with before and after pictures of the work performed, this provides verification of compliance. The fee for city abatement starts at $225 plus any labor charges. The initial violation may take as much as 15 to 25 days for city abatement.

Property Standards Board

Consists of a panel of nine council appointed board members, selected to hear cases of noncompliance on Substandard Premises. The Board meets at City Hall the first Thursday of each month to hear cases as needed. The Board can order repairs, evictions, or demolition within a specified time frame as well as civil penalties or fines.