Summer Reading Program

Summer Reading banner pale green with "Imagine Your Story" and a cat and a tiger reading books

Summer Fun for Everyone - June 1 through July 31

Whether you are a kid, teen, or adult, you can participate in a reading program for your age group. Why should you participate? In addition to the pleasure you receive from reading a good book, you may also earn prizes!  This summer all our programs will be virtual.  Several craft programs will include packets you can choose to pick up curbside if you don’t already have the supplies at home.

Performers, crafts and storytimes oh my! June 1 through July 25
Enjoy watching special performer videos and craft videos led by your favorite librarians June 1 through July 25.

Prizes?  Did someone say prizes? Read for 20 hours between June 28 and July 31 to earn badges and entries for the grand prizes!
Babies, Children and Teens: For every 5 hours you read you get a badge in Beanstack, and an entry into the grand prize drawing. You will also get a prize pack when you complete 20 hours of reading and turn in the final log. If you are using Beanstack there is no need to print anything.  And you earn badges along the way!  

Adults: For every 5 hours you read you get a badge in Beanstack, and an entry into the grand prize drawing. 

Everyone can continue logging their reading hours, up to 40 hours or until July 31, to gain more entries into the grand prize drawings.

Grand prize: Chromebooks!  Drawings for a Chromebook for children, for teens and for adults will be held in late August.  Babies will get an age appropriate grand prize. Max number of entries is 8 per person.

Reading logs and Beanstack: Beginning June 28, you can choose to record your time using a paper reading log or by using our online reading challenge site made by Beanstack.  

Welcome to our reading challenge site.  Here you can create an account for yourself and for your children.  Once created, you can start logging your summer reading to earn badges and entries in the grand prize drawings.

  • Choose the registration option that’s right for you (Family, Individual or Group) and create an account.
  • Select a reading challenge: "2020 Youth Summer Reading Challenge" or "2020 Adult Summer Reading Challenge"
  • Beginning June 28, enter your time spent reading and start earning badges and rewards! Each badge means that you have read for 5 hours! For every 5 hours you read, you earn one entry into the grand prize drawing.

Beanstack App

  • Search for "Beanstack" in your app store or marketplace and download the app
  • Say yes to "Does your school or library use beanstack?"
  • Enter "Garland" when prompted for your location
  • Choose "Nicholson Memorial Library System" from the list
  • Create an account or enter your email and password

What does "Share Code" mean?
Share codes give you the ability to link your account to a profile that someone else set up. 

Reading Logs
You can still track your summer reading using a paper log. Print out the appropriate reading log and bring it to your library the week of July 31 or when you complete 20 hours of reading.  Kids and teens will get a prize pack after 20 hours of reading but there will not be weekly prizes.

Children’s Reading Log (PDF)

Registro de lectura para niños (PDF)

Adult Reading Log (PDF)

For more information about the children’s and teen reading programs, please call 972-205-2516. For information about the adult reading program, please call 972-205-2502.

Children’s Summer reading Programs

  1. Upcoming Programs
  2. Past Programs

A drawing of Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf dressed as Grandma sitting on a stack of books readSummer Escape Room: The Wolf that wasn’t so bad

You’re a wolf. You’ve been sleeping and you wake up and you’re in someone’s home. It’s Grandma’s house!  Use clues to get to the straw house, the stick house, the brick house and then back to mom and dad.

This is a “digital escape room” on google forms.  

Different kawaii facesCreative Kids (Ages 6-12) - Kawaii Fantasy Creature Comics

Participants will create their own comic strips, and draw fantasy kawaii creatures to go with their comics, using numbers and letters.   Comic strip panels will be printed prior to the program. 

Supplies needed:
Drawing tool (pencil, pen, marker, etc.)
Paper (copy paper or whatever paper)
Images of the creatures being drawn (PDF)
Comic strip panel template (PDF)

Creative Kids (Ages 6-12) - Creative Creatures

The Children will participate in STEAM activities that involve fairy tale creatures and creatures of their own design.

Flying dragon: Using paper tubes, and their own decoration, the children will create a dragon which will then be placed on two strings. The strings will be used as a lever to help the dragon “fly” up the string.
Pool noodle monsters: children can use their creative side to make a monster of their choosing.

Supplies needed:
Toilet paper rolls
Construction paper
Googly Eyes
Pom poms 
Pipe cleaners

Video will be posted 2:30 p.m., Tuesday, July 7

Creative Kids (Ages 6-12)  Kaleidoscope Fun

Come have some kaleidoscope fun!  Learn how kaleidoscopes work, while creating their own unique design using recycled materials, straws, and mirrored paper.  

Supplies needed:
Recycled toilet paper tubes
Mirror board
Drawing tool (pencil, pen, marker, etc.)
Coloring tools (markers, crayons, etc.) 

Video will be posted 2:30 p.m., Tuesday, July 14

Craft supplies for Creative Kids will be offered to the first 30 participants to request them.  Call the South Garland Branch at 972-205-3934 to register. Curbside pickup is available.

Yoga for Children (Ages 6-12)

Enjoy a 10 minute yoga class for children and families.

2:30 p.m., Thursday, July 16 on Facebook Live

Connect with your Garland Library and like us on Facebook at

Teen/Tween Programs

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  2. Past Programs

Dungeons and Dragons for Teens

Online meeting of teens who wish to participate in a D&D quest! Each teen will have a character and staff will lead them on a quest through a fantasy world where they will have to battle creatures, solve puzzles and do math! 

6:30 p.m., Wednesday, June 24
Registration required

Meetings will be done over Zoom. Call to register and the link will be sent to registrants on June 24. There are only 10 available spots in a single campaign however if there are more than 10 teens who are interested in participating the library will form a wait list so that we have back up players in case one of the 10 original teens has to drop from the program. 

Adulting 101: Laundry

Teens will learn how to do laundry. From sorting colors, choosing which cycle on the machine to use and what all those strange symbols on clothing tags mean, this program will make sure that teens will not have problems doing their own laundry.

Video will be posted 6:30 p.m., Wednesday, July 1

Tween Scene (Ages 10-13) - Origami Dragon Eyes

Tween will learn how to fold a square sheet of paper into a blinking dragon eye. While folding, the participants will also begin to draw and color the dragon’s eye and the scales. The tweens may be able to complete more than one eye if they are quick artists. 

Supplies needed:
Drawing tool (pencil, pen, marker, etc.) 
Paper (copy paper or whatever paper) 
Coloring tools (crayons, colored pencils, markers, etc.) 

Video will be posted 2:30 p.m., Thursday, July 2

Teen Virtual Programming - Trivia Night

The trivia will be based on anime, history, TV/movies, pop culture, books and more.  How much do you know?

6:30 p.m. Wednesday, July 15
Zoom event

Please register so we can contact you with the Zoom event details.

Adult Programs

  1. Upcoming Programs
  2. Past Programs

Picture of a Flower Pot painted with red and white stripes and blue starsAdult Craft Workshop - Patriotic Flowerpot

Watch one of our librarians show you how to use painter’s tape to decorate a terra cotta pot in the style of an American flag. Star decals can be created by placing painters tape on top of a sheet of wax paper, drawing star shapes, cutting them out, then sticking them on the pot. While we will not show the use of an acrylic sealer, it will be suggested that crafters use it if they plan on placing the painted pot outside.

Supplies needed:
Terra Cotta flowerpot
Painter’s tape
Wax paper
Sanding sponge (or fine/medium grit sandpaper)
Paint (red, white, and blue acrylic)

Adult Informational Program: Genealogy

Library staff will provide an introduction to getting started with family research. Library resources to start that process will be highlighted, focusing primarily on easily accessible online resources like Heritage Quest and FamilySearch. Staff will also discuss area libraries with more extensive print collections like Dallas Public Library and McKinney Public Library. 

Video will be posted 7:00 p.m., Tuesday, June 30

Adult Craft Workshop - Book Binding

Patrons will learn about the Japanese style of book binding. This method involves using a blunt needle to sew pages together, eliminating the need for glue or other binding equipment. 

Supplies needed:
Assorted paper
Bookbinding needles (or a blunt needle)
Awl (or a hammer and nail, drill, sharp tweezers, thumbtacks, pins)
Waxed linen thread (or any thread waxed with beeswax)
Binder clips (or clothespins, paper clips)

Video will be posted 2:30 p.m., Saturday, July 11

“Keeping It in the Family” Introduction to Preserving Family Stories

Patrons can learn the basics on how to digitally preserve family stories using digital apps and recording equipment. We will demonstrate how to use a few of the apps for recording audio and video as well as provide resources on how to conduct interviews with family members to help preserve family history.

Video will be posted 7 p.m., Tuesday, July 14