Municipal CourT                               

Face-to-face Court hearings are being conducted. Temperature checks will be performed upon entering the Courthouse. Social distancing requirements will be enforced.

The Garland Municipal Court is open to those needing in-person assistance. Online services also are available.

Court personnel are available to assist citizens, defendants and attorneys, as well as to answer questions, take payments, set up payment plans, schedule Court dates, Court proceedings, provide records, assist with filings, etc. 

Temperature check will be performed upon entering the building. Facial coverings are required. Masks are available, if needed. Please sanitize your hands frequently.

COVID-19 In-Person Requirements

Sanitize your hands
Wear a mask
maintain proper distancing
temperatures will be checked

About Municipal Court

The Municipal Court serves as the City’s judicial branch of government; as well as a part of the State of Texas judicial system. Garland Municipal Court is a Court of Record which hears Class C Misdemeanor criminal cases, including traffic violations, city ordinance violations and fine only offenses. As an impartial servant in the administration of Justice, the Courts purpose is to hear legal matters, process and retain Court records, collect and track all fines, fees and restitution’s of the Court.