Development Services

Welcome to Garland’s Development and Permitting Center (DPC). The DPC is home to information related to our land development process.

Whether you are a development or design professional working on a commercial enterprise or new residential subdivision, a contractor seeking a permit, or a prospective business owner, our center is designed to quickly provide the information you need.

The Center includes the following sections:

  • Process Overview
  • Pre-Submittal Meeting Information
  • Resource Center - Citywide plans, development regulations, applications, and fees

What’s Your Role?

Please select the following link that best describes your role in our development and permitting process:

HELPFUL Resources 

Phone Contact
Building Inspection(972) 205-2300Samantha Morrow 
Building Inspection - Commercial(972) 205-2300Abdul Ali 
Building Inspection - Residential(972) 205-2300Donna Fields 
City Surveyor(972) 205-2157Glenn Breysacher, RPLS
Engineering(972) 205-2176A. Rahman Kafray, PE 
Engineering(972) 205-2859Jake Fisher, PE
Environmental Waste Services
(972) 205-3742Ed Michel
Environment Waste Services(972) 205-3421Dwain Moore
Fire(972) 781-7117Noah Cunningham
Fire(972) 781-7100Charles Small
Garland Power & Light(972) 205-3467Joe Enna
Health(972) 205-3451
Parks(972) 205-2756Ziad Kharrat
Planning (972) 205-2453Nabiha Ahmed
Planning(972) 205-2454Matthew Wolverton
Pre-Submittal Meetings
(972) 205-2445
Elba Garcia
Stormwater Management
(972) 205-2844

(972) 205-2430
Henry Ajieh
Zoning Verification Letters
(972) 205-2459
Evelyn Martinez